Ragni Chopra

​​I am a qualified, accredited (Accredited Professional Registrant) and recognized counsellor with significant experience and success working with individuals across all diversities and personal challenges.

My counselling work includes Private Practice, work for Counselling Services and EAPs (Employee Assistance Programmes).

Empowering people to lead more fulfilling lives is my 'raison d'etre'. 

I can help you develop your own inner resilience and develop strategies to meet challenges that prevent you from achieving your goals, so you can realise your potential, attain optimum wellbeing and truly thrive. 

Our work will be within boundaries of confidentiality.​​​

​​You don't have to be limited by your inner challenges. You have the power to change.

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"It's never too late to be who you might have been."    George Eliot